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5 Signs you hired a great tree services professional

1. Safety First - PPE

A reputable tree surgeon understands the dangers involved with the work they do. PPE is vital and saves lives! You should expect a reputable company to provide their staff with the correct PPE to keep them safe. Chainsaw trousers and boots for those operating a chainsaw and sturdy safety boots for those who do not operate a chainsaw. Hard hats, ear defenders and gloves should also be worn.

2. More Safety - using the right equipment

There are many ways to access a tree! A reputable tree surgeon will be able to assess the safest way to gain access and complete the job. Smaller trees can be accessed from sturdy, standalone ladders. Larger trees may need to be climbed using harnesses and multiple ropes. In some situations a cherry picker or similar may need to be used. An experienced and reputable tree surgeon will use the correct equipment to complete the job safely and efficiently.

3. Confident and Competent

A well trained and experienced tree surgeon will be confident in their abilities. A competent team will work together in a safe and efficient manner and you will be surprised how quickly the job gets done! Any reputable company will be able to provide copies of training certificates for their staff. You are within your rights to request to see these should you have any doubts or concerns.

4. Accidents happen - Insurance

A reputable company will always have insurance. Despite taking all precautions things do not always go to plan. Trees can be unpredictable due to the way in which they have grown or if the have become hollow or damaged through disease. You are within your rights to ask to see a copy of a valid certificate of insurance before any work is completed. Any reputable company will be able to provide this and will be happy to do so.

5. Pride in a job well done

A tree surgeon who takes pride in their work will go the extra mile to ensure a job is well done. Leaving the work area in a clean and tidy way goes a long way to having a happy customer. Happy customers are usually repeat customers and a reputable company is built on repeat work and recommendations.

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